Obtención de deuda


ALIENTA's team has a wide experience advising clients on structuring financing for renewable assets to minimize or optimize the volume of equity required for a project. Our aim is also to improve the leverage or its terms and conditions by restructuring the financing of operating assets.

We provide services for obtaining:
  • "Project Finance" debt, both with local and international commercial banks and with public banks: ICO, EIB, EIF and other European development banks
  • Capital Markets financing, "Project Bonds", with banks and institutional investors
  • Institutional financing: export credit insurance companies (ECAs), public agencies and funds, ...
  • Alternative financing: direct lending
Obtención de deuda
Búsqueda de capital
Búsqueda de capital


Some owners of projects or assets may need to give third parties a stake in the capital of their companies, giving up part of the control over them (majority or minority), with a defined (or not defined) time horizon and using different formulas (share capital or hybrid products). ALIENTA Renovables provides for its clients structuring services in the most convenient way to give entry to a partner in the company in order to achieve their goals.

We provide services for obtaining:
  • Capital
  • Subordinated Shareholder Debt
  • Participative Loans
  • Convertible Loans / Bonds
  • Mezzanine Debt
Fusiones y adquisiciones (M&A)


ALIENTA Renovables provides independent advice on all kind of corporate transactions. We have proven track-record working both on sell side or buy side:

  • Risk assessment
  • Elaboration of teaser, information memorandum and other necessary documentation (from the sell side)
  • Preparation and coordination of the Due Diligence process. Selection of external advisors
  • Collaboration with legal advisors in the preparation of the relevant transactional documents
  • Support to the investor or seller in the negotiation and closing of the transaction
Fusiones y adquisiciones (M&A)
Asesoramiento estratégico
Asesoramientos estratégico


In ALIENTA Renovables we provide independent services to guide our clients in making decisions to undertake new investments or disinvestment processes, enter or exit markets (new or existing) or reach strategic alliances or agreements with third parties, working on:

  • Preparation of feasibility reports, both technical and economic-financial, for projects of different technologies
  • Elaboration of business plans / financial models
  • Risk assessment and analysis and evaluation of expected return
  • "Macro" analysis: regulatory framework, market conditions, competition, opportunity costs, entry barriers
  • Evaluation of bankability and level of leverage of investments
  • Agreements or alliances with strategic partners, such as co-investment or co-development agreements for renewable projects


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