What we do

We analyse the projects with a comprehensive perspective, with each partner contributing a complementary approach, having developed our professional careers in different companies in the industry with a presence in all areas and segments of activity: from development and construction to the operation of the assets, including financing and participation in M&A transactions.

  • Europe
  • Latam

Corporate development for companies in the renewable energy industry

In ALIENTA we help our clients to meet their corporate development goals set out in their strategic plans:

  1. Alliances & Joint Ventures
  2. Obtaining guarantees and financing
  3. Investments
  4. Mergers & Acquisitions
  5. Internationalization

We are involved and provide our knowledge and experience in any segment in which each client develops its activity: from the promotion of projects in early stages, to the acquisition, financing and disposal of the assets.

We work mainly in Spain and Portugal, but the team of ALIENTA Renovables has also experience and capabilities to provide its services in other geographies, relying on local partners in other countries in Europe and Latin America.

  • Closing of association, co-development or co-investment agreements (Alliances and Joint Ventures)
  • Obtaining the necessary guarantees for auctions, tenders or requests for access and connection permits from the relevant distribution or transmission system operators
  • Obtaining cash for financing development costs
  • Purchase and sale of assets in operation or projects in different stages of development: early development phase or at RTB (Ready to Build) or COD (Commercial Operation Date) status
  • Structuring and looking for financing for the construction of the projects: both debt and minority equity (if necessary)
  • Collaboration in structuring, negotiating and closing of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Negotiation of project agreements with third parties from a financial and technical view: EPC, O&M, land lease contracts, insurance, etc.
  • Refinancing and optimization of financing of renewable assets: new structures, new products, new financing entities
  • Optimization of the company's organizational and corporate structure, seeking improvements in operational, financial and tax efficiency, as well as to facilitate possible partial divestments